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Scientific name: Helianthus annuus

Common name: Sunflower

General description: It is an annual plant from the Asteraceae family that originated in North America. It was cultivated for food by the indigenous people. It was domesticated around 1000 B.C and cultivated for its oil and edible fruits.

We have 'Giant' sunflower seeds, a hardy, robust variety that provides nectar for bees. 

The cultivation is simple, and germination occurs 4 to 10 days after sowing. 



Climate: Temperate to hot, tolerant to maximum temperatures near 40°C, and needs good sun exposure.

Soil: Sandy-clayey, rich in organic matter, deep and with good drainage, highly sensitive to soil salinity. The pH should be between 6.0 and 7.5.

Irrigation: It does not need much water due to its drought resistance and deep root system, where excessive water availability leads to overgrowth and fragile plants. Drip irrigation is a good option, avoiding water on the plants and damage to the flowers.

Associations: Potato, Cucumber, and Corn.

Sowing Season: From February to May.

Harvest time: From June to September.