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Scientific name: Cucurbita pepo L.

Common name: Courgette

General description: The courgette originates from the American continent, between Peru and the southern United States. The fruits are harvested immaturely with about 20 cm, while they are still tender because when left on the plant, they can reach a meter. It belongs to the Cucurbitaceae family, along with pumpkin, melon, and cucumber.

There are very different varieties of courgettes. We have the ' Zuboda' variety, with long dark green fruits, a small seed cavity, and good productivity.

Nutritional data: It contains a lot of water and carbohydrates, with few calories, and is rich in niacin, in addition to being a source of B vitamins.




Climate: Places prone to cold winds and late frosts should be avoided. It grows best in hot climates and prefers places with southern and sun exposure.

Soil: Fertile, well-drained soils with heavy textures.

Watering: During the initial phase, adequate soil moisture is essential, as well as during pollination and fruit formation.

Intercropping: Lettuce, Corn.

Sowing time: February to May.

Harvest time: About six weeks after transplanting.