Copy of Usage Rules

Part of our goals are:

  • Continuing the millenary practice of sharing, using and conserving seeds;
  • Cultivate the seeds with a view to collecting and returning part of the seeds of the best specimens produced;
  • Guarantee good conservation conditions and promote the circulation of seeds, taking advantage of the periods of greater germination viability of each species;
  • Disseminate production practices that value and respect natural ecosystems and human communities, such as permaculture and organic farming;
  • Prefer traditional species and varieties conveying the natural process of adapting them to different regions; linking them to the local landscape, culture and gastronomy;
  • Collect, store and return part of the seeds of the best specimens;
  • Avoid cross-pollination as much as possible in order to maintain the genetic integrity of future seeds: do not plant plants from these seeds close to plants of other varieties in order to avoid hybrids.