"Germinar um banco de sementes" creates vegetable gardens in the school space

Outside Fernanda de Castro Elementary School, in the heart of Tapada das Necessidades, a group of kids gather in the school garden around a table with an improvised tablecloth, paintbrushes, and colourful jars. They are colourful because they contain crop pigments: spinach, beet, turmeric, blackberry, parsley, and curry.

Today is a special day for the 2nd year students of this school: it is the day to paint the tablecloth of the "banquet table." They have been preparing a banquet since December by planting the food and building the garden that gives it life.

This is the 13th class of "Germinar um banco de sementes", a project of the Margens Simples association that has the great mission of creating a seed bank from the school space, involving students in a learning process that begins with the construction of a school garden and culminates in a great meal.

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