"Germinar um banco de sementes" is considered one of the sustainability agent projects in Portugal

"Germinar um banco de sementes" was approved by ODSlocal - Municipal Platform for Sustainable Development Goals,  "as it complies with all pre-established criteria and has high relevance and positive impact on the territory", says the ODSlocal Platform team.

"Germinar um banco de sementes" contributes to the four Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):

  1. Zero hunger (SDG 2)
  2. Quality education (SDG 4)
  3. Responsible consumption and production (SDG 12)
  4. Life on Land (SDG 15)

Through this project, we intend to respond to the existing threat to genetic heritage - the loss of biodiversity due to climate change, but also due to the privatisation of seeds and reduction of reproductive viability - by offering simple and effective alternatives
on preservation through environmental awareness-raising activities, focused on seed preservation and environmental protection, and the implementation of a seed bank.


About the ODSlocal Platform

This initiative aims to mobilise municipalities and other relevant entities to achieve, at a local level, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) proposed by the United Nations Agenda 2030. It was born from a partnership between the National Council for the Environment and Sustainable Development (CNADS), OBSERVA (ICS-University of Lisbon), MARE (New University of Lisbon) and 2adapt, and is supported by the "la Caixa" Foundation. Its objectives are:

  • Mobilize and empower local communities (Municipalities, stakeholders, citizens) for the goals of Agenda 2030;
  • Stimulate the participatory and collaborative construction of "2030 municipal agendas" with defined objectives and concrete and measurable targets;
  • Monitor the performance of municipalities concerning the SDG targets through indicators that respect the general perspective proposed by the UN, but that also take into account the specificities of each municipality;
  • Map and disseminate reference projects, as well as good municipal practices, and identify their respective impacts on the SDGs;
  • Stimulate partnerships for sustainable development at municipal and inter-municipal levels;
  • Facilitate the articulation between information related to the SDGs and the municipalities' management and planning instruments;
  • Facilitate the preparation of Voluntary Municipal Reports on the progress of the SDGs;
  • Reflect and communicate the work done by Municipalities;
  • Publicly distinguish the Municipalities with the best performance or with the most positive evolution trajectories through three initiatives: i) holding an annual national conference, with media projection, ii) awarding the ODSlocal Prize, and iii) awarding the ODSlocal Seal.