'germinar' talks

15 April | 10 am to 12 pm

#1 Seeds/territory relationship

The course of seeds throughout history, from the Discoveries to the present day. Reflection on how seeds have changed the life of communities.

Speaker: ReSEED - Rescuing Seeds' Heritage



April 29 | 11h30 am to 1h30 pm

#2 Seeds/ecosystem relationship

Seeds as part of the ecosystem, the dependency relationships between living things, and their importance for biodiversity. Reflection on how seeds can change the lives of communities.

Speaker: Autochthonous Seeds Project



May 13 | 2 to 4 pm

#3 Seeds/Location Relationship

Seed Collection and Preservation Workshop on the importance of having people multiplying and sharing seeds in a local context. Reflection on how each and every one of us can contribute to seed preservation.

Speaker: Associação Colher para Semear


Location: Biblioteca/Espaço Cultural Cinema Europa, em Campo de Ourique 

To attend just send an e-mail to margenssimples@gmail.com