Human use of plants

Plants have always been the main source of human food.
Plants have always been humankind's primary source of food.
They can produce their food through photosynthesis, and part of this food, stored in reserve organs (roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruits), constitutes human beings' food resource.
This food can be directly consumed or indirectly when we eat animals that feed on plants.

Most plants we eat are grown for food and are the basis of agricultural activity. However, many of them are processed in the form of bread, pasta, oil, etc. Therefore, the food we eat depends on the environmental and cultural conditions in the region we live.
On the website of Gregg Segal, a Californian photographer, you will find beautiful images that show examples of children's diets in various countries.

On this subject, we challenged you to a first practical exercise [at home] which was perfectly executed. Here are the experiences of Diogo Vasconcelos (6th B) and Leonor Duque (2nd C) students.


work carried out by Diogo Vasconcelos, 6th B student

Leonor Duque's work

Work carried out by Leonor Duque, 2nd grade student







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