The Project and the Plants

In the first lesson, the students were introduced to the "Germinar um banco de sementes" project and the future space for the educational vegetable garden.

Besides a walk around the outside space of Josefa de Óbidos Secondary School, there was still time to talk about the origin of plants, their adaptations, and their main families. The transformations that gave rise to the leading plants' families throughout their evolution were:

👉 cuticle and rhizoids 

(capillary protection and plant fixation to the soil, enabling their transition from the aquatic to the terrestrial environment)

👉 vascular system and true roots

(plants were more able to grow, thus having greater access to light and CO²)

👉 seeds and pine cones
(the seed works as a protection and reserve of nutrients for the embryo, with the pine cones and pollen, fertilization becomes independent of water, starting to depend on the wind and, in some cases, on insects)

👉 flowers and fruits 
(organs that have created interdependence with several other living beings, for instance, insects and birds)






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